Fawn Fire Rebuild/Restore Program

After another year of devastating fires in Northern California FAMILY’S lives have been devastated to a loss of their homes.


Hughes Construction would like to extend a helping hand to those looking to rebuild from the fawn fire. Hughes Construction and their team have created their Rebuild & Restore program.  This is a specific program set up for those looking to rebuild without delay.

Hughes Construction is proud to employ experienced local tradesmen and they are eager to expedite the rebuilding of your home from a loss DUE to the Fawn Fire. we have  pre-designed and pre-approved building plans that can even be customized to meet your specific needs.

From land development, lot preparation, utilities and septic systems hughes construction can handle everything to quickly begin the recovery from your loss. feel free to contact Hughes Construction at 530-605-3617 for a no obligation consultation.

Rebuild & Restore Program: